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City of Tomorrow

With the support of European Network Architecture was initiated the new approaches for city’s development by Europe's strongest research institute, Fraunhofer innovative project titled "Morgenstadt".

Smart City

With the efforts of Tbilisi Energy Agency was founded relationship with SWARCO Corporation, which offers the project titled ‘’Smart City’’ about street lighting and transport arrangement with so called smart technologies.

Energy Independence of a Village

Tbilisi Energy Agency with German company KSB is working on a project in order to create energy independence for Georgian villages. Within the project a major role has company's innovative product use for efficient assimilation of hydro power in rural areas with discharge of water. This product is one of the so called mobile Micro HPP placed in containers, its efficiency equals to the efficiency of the turbines its price, installation and storage is much more convenient and easier.

Rural Infrastructure Development Model

Tbilisi Energy Agency organizes the Summer School, within its framework delegation with 20 students and 2 professors from Stuttgart University will visit Georgia. During one week students will learn the details of arrangement of rural infrastructure. They will implement various measuring works, will observe everyday life, and will gather photo materials and also they will learn about the legal regulations needed for the project. Special attention will be paid to the protection of environment and ecology. This project aims to create a model of a modern infrastructure, which fully will improve rural problems such as water supply, sewerage, electricity, transport and etc. This model must be adapted to the different villages and must improve the living conditions of people in villages and raise their welfare.

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