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Based on advice and support of multiyear theoretical and practical knowledge of Berlin Energy Agency in 2012 was established Tbilisi Energy Agency. With the efforts of Tbilisi Energy Agency in 2013 the delegation from Germany, including General Director of SWARCO Corporation, Expert in Energy Issues of German Agency for International Corporation, Head of Baden-Wurttemberg Energy in Utilities issues and etc. have visited Georgia. They presented projects in several Ministries and City Hall about the so called smart regulations of street lighting and traffic, titled as "Smart City".
In 2014, under the auspices of Agency, the supervisors of the European Network of Architects have visited Tbilisi. They introduced new approaches towards the city development to the Agency with the Fraunhofer innovative project "City of Tomorrow" of strongest research institute in Europe.


Tbilisi Energy Agency is based on principles of Berlin Energy Agency. It is designed to jointly exploit the potential of the public and private sectors with the synergy it has. The major content is future-oriented sustainable development, which includes smart and effective expense of energy resources.


Tbilisi Energy Agency aims to support projects of sustainable development in Tbilisi and other cities and also in process of fulfilling different international or local obligations, such as "Covenant of Mayors".

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